Friday, March 4, 2011

Aguinaldos Request for Peace on Feb 5, 1899 to Gen Otis Denied

Interview of Gen Charles McC. Reeve of 13th Minnesota U.S.V. posted in the San Francisco Call dated Sept. 13, 1899 upon his return back to the US from the Philippines.

Present William McKinleys response to Gen Elwell Stephen Otis.

General Isidoro Torres
General Elwell Stephen Otis

"I deprecate this war, this slaughter of our own boys and of the Filipinos, because it seems to me that we are doing something that is contrary to our principles in the past. Certainly we are doing something that we hould have shrunk from not so very long ago."
        General Mc C. Reeve, former Colonel of 13th Minnesota, 1899.

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